I am currently the Music Director at an Anglican church in Oxford.

I started this website in 2013 whilst undertaking an MA in Contemporary Worship at King’s College, London. This involved surveying much material that was new to me from books, journals and websites. I have included on this website some of the links that I found out about during that time of study and some which since then I have discovered. Of course, inclusion does not mean endorsement but it does mean that they have probably stimulated my thinking in some way on the subject of Contemporary Worship.

glass looking out Liv Met Cath**

If this website has an aim it would to be a growing collection of resources and reflections of different ways that worship could be expressed which have the aim of, not prescribing particular forms of expression but rather, stimulating creativity and reflection for the development of corporate worship in different church communities.

I have been involved in playing different roles in leading corporate worship almost all my life. Corporate worship is vital because it has the potential to shape our hearts and so transform how we live our lives, and to be a vehicle for us to engage and enjoy God. Ultimately that is why I seek to reflect on what worship has been in the past, how it is being expressed in the present and on what it could be in the future.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”

Neil Barker


** (Looking out through glass at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral)