Being inspired from the rich tradition of devotion

Charles Baird enlightening book, A Chapter on Liturgies, on ‘reformed liturgies’ published in 1856 is available as a free download from Google. I appreciate how he values the worship traditions of the past when he writes ‘There is in the Church of Christ a rich and copious literature of devotion, accumulated by the labours of many ages. Holy men of prayer have been gifted at some periods …with elevation of thought and language necessary for the adequate expression of devout feeling.’ (p4) He goes on to press for the consideration of using some of these in the worship of his day. ‘Do …rules exclude us from the use of the best liturgical compositions, and force us to rely on our individual resources of conception…?’ (p5) How familiar are we with ‘the best liturgical compositions’ in the history of the church and how are they influencing the development of our worship events today?

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