Alternative Worship

Creative ideas for worship from the alternative worship stream.

Alternative Worship – directory website for alternative worship

Ancient Future reflections for post-modern worship

Proost – inspiring resources that fuel faith – is a multimedia company that provides resources to fuel faith.  All of the content is downloadable, available for use by individuals or communities.  The content is comprised of movies, music and pocket liturgies, and you can purchase individual pieces or you can buy a subscription for £60 for the year (£5 a month)! Proost started out a a record label created by Jonny Baker with his musical partner, Jon Birch.

Jonny Baker’s alternative worship blog

Labyrinth – is an interactive installation for spiritual journeys and reshapes a 12th-century ritual for the 21st century. Its maze-like path takes you on a symbolic journey, creates space to unwind and think – in particular about our relationships with ourselves, one another, our planet and God.

Small fire – Steve Collins’ inspirational website archive of photos of many different alternative worship events.

Steve Taylor about emergent theology from a New Zealand perspective

Beyond Church – using art, poetry, philosophy and theology, BEYOND curates provocative spaces in order to inspire and stimulate discussion

Emergent Village – a virtual meeting place

Next-Wave – Charlie Wear’s views on Church & Culture

Sacramentis – why this worship evangelism site is not more

The Ooze – evolving spirituality (this – –  does not seem available at the moment – 9th Dec 2013)

Youth Specialities – youth ministry (US perspective)

Incedo – Youth for Christ New Zealand website

Visions-York – alternative worship in York

Fresh Worship – website of ‘Grace’ – an alternative worship group meeting in Ealing

Small Ritual – Steve Collins’ website on Alternative Worship

Sanctus1 – is an inclusive and creative Christian community exploring spirituality in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Vaux – Nic Hughes

Blog – Nic Hughes

Blog – Kester Brewin – co-founder of Vaux

Cheryl Laurie – Australian perspective

Sanctuary in Bath  – Sonia and Iain Mainstone-Cotton and Claire Birch founders of Sanctuary in Bath.

Vintage Faith – Dam Kimball

Emerging-church website