Anglican Worship

Common Worship – morning prayer

Common Worship – evening prayer

Common Worship – night prayer

Transforming Worship – website of the Liturgical Commission of the Church of England

Praxis Worship – resources from the Church of England

Anglican Liturgical library – created by Simon Kershaw (who has also created the free IPad app for the Anglican Morning, Evening and Night Prayer)

Liturgy from New Zealand – an ecumenical website of resources and reflections on liturgy, spirituality, and worship for individuals and communities and run by Rev. Bosco Peters.

Chichester Cathedral – resources page

Exeter Cathedral Worship Resource Page

Holy Ground – Exeter Cathedral

Prayer Book Society

Book of Common Prayer – 1662 and previous versions in columns for comparison

Impact of the Reformation on worship in England – this website shows the central moments from a Mass or eucharist (communion service) in three periods: late medieval, Elizabethan and Laudian. The same church has been used, the University Church of St Mary the Virgin in Oxford, for most of the pictures.

Royal School of Church Music – mainly working in Anglican churches but not exclusively

Worship Review Process – Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham

West Gallery Music Association – is an informal group of singers, instrumentalists and scholars who share an interest in the sacred music, psalmody and hymnody, and the secular music and dance of the men and women who performed from the west galleries of parish churches, in chapels, and around the towns and villages of England during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Communion in Common Worship – critique by Revd. Dr. Professor David G. Peterson is Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer in New Testament at Moore College in Sydney, and formerly the Principal of Oak Hill Theological College, London

Online Anglican Resources – from

Exciting Holiness – Collects & Readings for the Festivals & Lesser Festivals of the Calendar of the Church of England authorised for use from Advent Sunday, 1997 (first edition)

Rite Series – American Anglican worship resources – subscription needed