Artists, Choirs and Groups

Iain Cotton – stone work art website and blog

Luca Agnani – Digital lighting, 3D & Visual Mapping includes interpretation of Van Gogh’s paintings using digital processes. Using digital processes Luca Agnani has added changing colours, intensity, movement and people to some of Van Gogh’s paintings which makes you look at the wonderful paintings in new ways. Engaging, emotive …….

Steven Faux – Psalms Project – contemporary music composition on the first forty psalms.

Makoto Fujimura – artist, writer, and speaker

Gentle Sabotage – Jonny McEwen’s art blog – painting and video

Jacquie Binns – textile art

Sacred Art Pilgrim – collection

Cantus Firmus: Encouraging creativity in worship through music and the arts – a local initiative based in Colchester, Essex