Marston Communion Setting

This is a communion setting using the Common Worship Communion service words for the choir and congregation at St Nicholas Marston, Oxford in 2016.

While in ‘lock down’ in 2020 we started recording parts of this for our online Sunday morning YouTube service.

Gloria (Glory to God in the highest)

Gloria_in_excelsis_-_Marston_Setting_for_Holy_Communion fuller

Gloria_in_excelsis_-_Marston_Setting_for_Holy_Communion – clarinet bflat Gloria_in_excelsis_-_Marston_Setting_for_Holy_Communion – alto clef for viola

Gloria_in_excelsis_-_Marston_Setting_for_Holy_Communion – 2nd Violin

Backing track:


Agnus Dei (Lamb of God)


Agnus_Dei_-_Marston_Setting_for_Holy_Communion for B flat instruments

Agnus_Dei_-_Marston_Setting_for_Holy_Communion – with alto clef

Backing track:


Sanctus (Holy, holy holy Lord)


Sanctus _Marston_Setting_for_Holy_Communion – with Alto Clef

Sanctus _Marston_Setting_for_Holy_Communion for B flat instruments

Backing track: