Pointed Anglican Psalter – BCP

Here is the beginning of a pointed psalter. Then method used has sought to be ‘governed by the underlying sense of the words, and the principles of the rhythms of well-modulated speech’ (John Scott – The Anglican Psalter). Both the Wessex Psalter (Riding & Hale) and the Anglican Psalter have been consulted but where either they have felt they have needed to miss a bar or two out of the chant (Scott) or have changed the basic rhythm of the chant (Riding & Hale) we have sought here to use the more traditional approach to tackle shorter length phrases that was used, for example, in the Cathedral Psalter – that is, one syllable being sung over two notes. The reason being that this approach seems to be easier for a congregation to sing. For a similar reason I have also sought to have no more the two syllables being sung on one note in ‘moving part’ of the chant. The Psalms are presented in MS Word format, landscape two column A4 view and have a chant included (an image file), so therefore the pointing can be edited or a different chant can be selected.

Psalm 39 BCP

Psalm 53 BCP

Psalm 63 BCP

Psalm 64 BCP